Description of the procedures I use to develop my films

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Black Creek | CH45-F2 SK Super Angulon 75 mm | Rollei IR 400

The Wood Effect

Capturing instants of the unseen world with sensitive infrared film. Tree Canopy | CH45-F2 | SK-150 | Heliopan RG 715 | Rollei 400 IR | T = 1 s, f/22 I have always been captivated by the fascinating photographs of almost surreal landscapes in…

B/W Slides

A short description of how to develop B/W slides with the ADOX SCALA B&W Reversal Kit and the CHS 100 II film This is the Voigtländer Bessa with a Compur shutter and  Anastigmat Skopar f/4.5 lens. The production year is likely 1935.This gorgeous slide was taken…