Bronica SQ-B

The Zenza Bronica SQ-B was my first medium format camera. 

This is a magnificent camera. It helped me to learn many technical aspects such as the zone system, light metering and also to realized of the limitations of this kind of cameras. 

This model is the simplified version of the SQ-A. It does not included a light-meter. This camera is basic (this is why is B) and this is the why I love it. Everything is manual. You need an external light meter and this was the reason why I got a Pentax Spotmeter. The limitations of this camera forced me to learn how to measure light and more important where to measure it. This camera was the beginning.

This picture was taken with a view camera. The peculiarity is the perfect focus of the plane on which the name of the camera appears. It is not only the selected aperture that gave me this depth of field. I will describe it in the next post.

Photo Technical Details

  • Camara Chamonix  CH45-F2
  • Lens Schneider Kreuznach Super-Angulon 75 mm 
  • Film:  fomapan 100
  • Lightmeter Pentax digital spotmeter
  • Exposure time 45″ @ f/45
  • Developed in a Jobo tank 2520+2509
  • Development N+2 with  ilfordddx
  • Scanned with Epson v850 pro
  • Processed with negative lab pro


Hydrological modeler, scientist, amateur photographer.

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